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If you have never implemented a formal overdraft program or have a program that has been declining in both member participation and revenue, now is the time to find out what SmartStep Solutions can do for your members and credit union. SmartStep Solutions’ proven strategy for overdraft programs provides a comprehensive, consultative solution designed to maximize member participation with a 100% compliance guarantee for the credit union.


increase to NSF/OD income on new program.


increase to NSF/OD income on existing program.

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Create New Program

Without a formal, fully disclosed overdraft program, your credit union is losing valuable non-interest income. Before you try to implement a program on your own or through your core processor, let us show you what our solution can do for you.

Create Overdraft Program

Improve Existing Program

When was the last time you thoroughly examined your overdraft program? When left unattended, overdraft programs experience an average revenue decline of 57% within 3–5 years of activation. Before you try to restore your program on your own, take a look at how we can help.

Improve Overdraft Program

“We’ve been using the SmartStep ODP program for years and have averaged a 300% increase in revenue. Our members continue to appreciate and utilize the service. In this economy, our members are trying to stretch their paychecks as much as possible, and this gives them a little help in between paydays. Our board of directors is thrilled with the overall results – additional income as well as providing a safety net for our members.”

Painesville Credit Union
Painesville, OH

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